What needs to change?
What needs to change?
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Well our advocacy is now completely and fundamentally broken and ineffective now that the ADF has lost the processor funding with state bodies unable to make up the short fall . How do we now get some unity a plan? What will be the starting point for the change? Who will give ground and how much is the question. If history is any guide nothing will change no one will be willing to give ground in a meaningful way. Old grudges will get in the way unless some leadership is show by someone.

My thoughts are that to get unity started and to actually get farmers to want to engage and be part of this we need a catalyst that will start the process in peoples minds something actually concrete that doesn’t require anyone giving up ground in the first instance. But is actually a huge step forwards.

The first thing we need before any restructure or planing for a restructure, is a single brand and identity. It’s the most critical aspect to get dialog really going .

Now its controversial with DA and they don’t like me using it or linking it to what I am proposing but it’s a great image and brand and we don’t need a new one!!!

All the state advocacy groups have to re brand under the one image and identity. That brand is Dairy Australia


That’s the fist step towards unity that everyone keeps talking about. The states give up nothing in the first instance except their individual tile. The organization structure stays the same while we work though the dairy plan process. But for everyone looking on it’s a huge step forward it changes people’s mindset we break down the state verses state mentality.

Then most important is replacing the lost funding that’s when this comes in

Right now as far as I know only SA dairy has their own milk brand, which they control and take a profit from.

With this image /brand we can do the same on a national unified basis. Just like the old VDIA brands. We can develop specific products butter; milk what ever we like and the profits from sales from each state stay with that sate to be used by their state branch. if we do this on a national basis with one unified brand image we get engagement we are now having a direct relationship with consumers. We for the first time in a long time can leverage our place in the market place. Right now DA generic marketing goes nowhere, if we are cleaver we can leverage this to our benefit and build a profitable brand. I would like to have this or more importantly this should be part of the dairy plan discussions. . It would fit into the milk pool pillar, as that can be what ever we want it to be. Don’t just think national milk pool

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