What needs to change?
What needs to change?
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There needs to be a mininum sell price in the market to force the supermarkets to lift the price up. Since the dollar milk has been in place, there hasnt been a price increase for dairy for nearly 10 years. What happens in the market is if the processor increases the price of milk to the shops to much the shop owners just go to the supermarket and buy it or have the supermarket deliver it. This has taken all the value out of chain as there hasnt been a price increase for 10 years and the costs keep rising to the stage theres nothing left. In the past before the dollar milk, the local market used to support the price when there was a downturn in the export price.
The labelling laws need to reflect what is in the bottle, not call nut juice milk.
Access to affordable labour. e.g. Ag visa
Water policy is smashing the industry in the irrigation areas.Water price and availability are major issues.
Separate the environmental water from the irrigation water to make it more transparent.
Have separate dams for environment and irrigation.
Turn a portion of the water inland from the rivers down the east coast, this would increase available water which could be used for food production or environment.
Fix the fresh water loss from evaporation on the lower lakes at the mouth of the murray.
There needs to be a link of ownership of water to food production or of % of income coming from primary production to own water .Having investors trading water at the expense of food production is stupid.
The right to farm laws need to be strengthened considerably to protect food producers from people with agendas to damage the food industrys for there own agendas.
Import laws need to be strengthened to stop dumping of dairy products in australia , e.g. cheese at $6 a kilo.
Electricity pricing is a major cost to the industry as everything in the chain needs to be chilled.Prices have gone up two and half times in the last 2 years, this is not sustainable. Maybe look at tax concessions for electricity for farms.
Parasites and red tape ,living off the industry need reduced or eliminated. e.g. calf vendor books are $40 for 10 pages. these should be able to be printed on line at no cost.
A separate farming state

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