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Assume the shackles are off! Take away the barriers of time, money, history etc. and think about what’s possible. What, specifically, needs to change to get dairy to a better place in the next five years?

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7 months ago

I think what needs to be discussed more and expanded more is the DEMAND Pool

Most discussion is about the supply pool. This is important.


No one in the “Rule Setting” arena seems to understand the demand pool or strategic importance of this.

The DEMAND pool (if that is the right word) is as follows.

25 million people growing @ 1.5% per year - this year it will be about 375,000 people ?

This year 25 million Australians will consume the following

They will drink 102 litres each

2.55 billion litres

They will eat 13.6 kg of cheese which will use 136 litres o...

7 months ago

In 2017, lion in FNQ lost a contract to supply a local hospital.

To sell that milk in Brisbane - the local farmers were forced to pay transport to Brisbane.

This is in a state which is not self sufficient in milk!

The forces of free enterprise - which the local farmers did not have any control
Of kicked in.

Commercial decisions were made which were not logical for the regions.


In case you are not aware - the Atherton Tableland has been identified by CSIRO AS an a...

7 months ago

Our industry is currently in the cross-fires of animal liberationists. This pressure on our industry is not going away and we will become even more heavily scrutinised. Unfortunately, poor animal welfare is frequently used as an excuse to support a particular ethical stand-point. For example, people may be of the opinion that animals have a 'right-to-life' and use animal welfare as a reason to support this argument. If slaughter is done in a manner that does not cause prolonged distress, then animal welfare should not be used as a reason to defend this particular ethical standpoint.

7 months ago

Need to remove the influences of retired and soon to be retired dairy farmers from the equation. They should not have been invited, there ideals and opinions are not relevant to the future of the industry. Their contributions have been phenomenal but it is now time to step aside and let the next generation decide what we want our industry to look like. We need change in our advocacy, we need dairy Australia and udv and adf all under one banner. One levy, one voice. Remove government funding and help deliberation of industry issues while still delivering R & D. We need more promotion of a clean green ...

7 months ago

Perhaps there should be a cap on the number of stock the farmer has depending on the size of the farm? Then the farmer should be able to cut his/her own fodder, overstocking will be curbed and the farm in turn should be more self sufficient. I’m not sure how this could be policed... just throwing the idea out there.

7 months ago

I attended the Warragul meeting. There was discussion of education issues and needs. The farmers at the table were very naive when it came to their knowledge of post high school education. I am an expert in that field so I know the issues. I was formerly a Professor of Business at Monash. I come from a rural background. I was previously an agriculture journalist in NZ with their national farmers' organisation. Farmers did not understand the range and depth of International Students inside the Vic economy as a source of revenue. They did not understand that Int Students were bringing in $9 billion...

6 months ago

All businesses must expand and create more products to stay relevant and profitable. The governments decision to remove raw milk from the dairy industry is disappointing and counterproductive for the success of the dairy farmers and upsetting for consumers that valued the product and happy to pay premium prices. Please bring back raw milk products. It makes no sense to remove a raw milk from a struggling dairy industry because of a alleged incident and allow smoking and other products that have been known to have no health benefits. Raw milk is a quality product that has a high international and loc...

6 months ago

Not so much something that needs to change but a suggestion which should also help other farmers.
Rather than having to sell off the cows it would be handy if they could be used as surrogate mums through embryo transfer. This could then be used as a means of rebuilding herds like those in northern Qld without losing the genetics they have built up.
This becomes helpful when the dairy farmers are paid for the use of their cows as surrogates. One way this could be done is using some government relief programs. (I would be prepared to contribute my small share to help c...

6 months ago

Sounds like the usual fantasy question,

I worry that Australia’s Dairy Industry has passed the point of no return with the milk pool volume we have currently, this can only lead to less efficiency for processors and therefore less money to pass on to suppliers, after all, Dairy Australia suggested 15 Billion litres was needed to meet this criteria.

Furthermore we have two major global ‘investors’ basically dictating our market whilst using their facility to ‘back door’ imported product, which some argue will eventually supply our population which can only deliver one outcome.

The ...

6 months ago

Re the QLD Dairy industry, Port Curtis Milk Suppliers Co-op received funding through the Farming Together program for a Feasibility Study for a single co-op to market and vest milk in QLD and Northern NSW, completed the study, had funding to complete legal framework with authorisation with ACCC, but could not rally support from industry groups. Our key findings were -
1. Agribusiness needs more well run co-ops / there will be no competition issues as milk is trucked in and carted around everywhere.
2. Co-op would keep more producers in the market
3. Positive ethos of a co-op
4. Branding is key (...

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