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Assume the shackles are off! Take away the barriers of time, money, history etc. and think about what’s possible. What, specifically, needs to change to get dairy to a better place in the next five years?

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7 months ago

Currently I believe that there is an over-emphasis of the importance of genetics on the profitability of our dairy farms and a lack of understanding of how change in the genetics of our cows plays out at a herd level. I believe genetics is important, especially for fertility and health traits, but the benefit derived from improved production is simply misguided and over-estimated. The most expensive part of my enterprise is my land and I strive to grow as much grass as I can from it. I calve my cows down at a time that allows me to directly harvest as much of this grass by my cows as possible. ...

6 months ago

Secure sufficient water for dairy by getting water out of the commercial market where non-farmers are speculating with this essential farming resource. Can the government set up a core volume of water to one side for dairying? Also secure underground water by making sure key dairying areas are not subject to any drilling for gas.

8 months ago

Dairy Australian is no longer fit for purpose. It’s mandate behind the farm gate is not in question. But it mandate to act on the industries behalf is seriously restricted with its current mandate and articles of incorporation. The focus obsession regarding the $1.00 for $1.00 government funding. . DA needs to be segmented into four defined business bodies organisations. With a independent farmer over sight board

8 months ago

We need to have a raw milk supply protocol so farmers are not held hostage to processors. Most other countries so so successfully. The media spin to pass the current law should have been stopped by our industry bodies immediately. Was a total sham with an obvious agenda to lock farmers into a corrupt industry controlled by processors and supermarket chains while being forced to fund it via our levies. That is what’s criminal

8 months ago

As a small producer I see potential in how we could keep it ticking along. Think-outside the box:
A Dairy Hub (building) that is centrally located within each state. Each hub runs like an institute. It offers Youth Leadership programs for students leaving Yr 12 and trying to enter the industry; a Mental Health program for farmers to access; a Silage Safety and Feed program full of literature/data/concepts/ practices for farmers to access that includes insight from Worksafe or Safework; a Lowering Calf Mortality program that is industry run; a Marketing program that educates farmers on how to value-...

8 months ago

It would be worth considering that That Victorian RDP be restructured at board level. Instead of three independent regional boards we have one RDP board structure encompassing the whole of Victoria. It would have three farmer members from each region making nine. Then Three special qualification members as required. This would help with better co-operation between regions and understanding of the issues facing the regions on a state bases. It would hopefully bring about timelier project implementation across the whole region along with a more streamlined decision-making process

8 months ago

A national farmer controlled milk pool has to be a major focus with the now dysfunctional and declining milk pool . private interests are now trying to crate these milk pools as a reaction to the industries decline . This will have a similar effect that decoupling water from the land that has caused the havoc in the Murry Darling system

8 months ago

so how does this lead to farmers farming to the environment of their farm to have the lowest production costs and highest grass input ratio ?
from the Frisian club
"Balancing costs can be huge. Balancing from the industry curve to flat, this year, on the Victorian market, with a pretty benign outlook, costs two cents per litre and rises exponentially with more seasonal production. When you get to three-to-one, it becomes six cents per litre.

8 months ago

Processors need to cease discounting milk price paid through the spring months and pay a flat price reflecting the market. This will encourage profitable farming and grow spring milk (and shoulders). We need to learn from The Irish dairy industry which has successfully turned its industry around from troubled times by adopting a low cost of production, pasture focused NZ model.

8 months ago

nutrition and feeding for marginal milk production. Having farmers understand the dilution of maintenance cost and how to fully feed a cow for profitability.

Have an industry/govt body that scrutinises all additives for their published research and science and provide that to the dairy industry so there is an independent body that is looking out for the farmer, preventing them from spending money of things that clearly dont work but are marketed well.

Collectively as a dairy industry, work together to build the demand for milk in Australia and how to supply it the most efficiently. We are s...

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