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Assume the shackles are off! Take away the barriers of time, money, history etc. and think about what’s possible. What, specifically, needs to change to get dairy to a better place in the next five years?

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8 months ago

All dairy farm businesses need to take control of their own destiny and own their future. If you don't have a plan, get organised and use industry programs to make one. If you don't have an annual budget do a Taking Stock. We need to stop blaming external factors and work with what we can control.
So much industry help available and amazing research to access

8 months ago

Put our product back in the lime light. As a whole the marketing and advertising element of the industry outside of the industry has fallen away. I.e.: unless you are a dairy farmer society have no real concept of what it is we do. Red Meat producers accountability and promotion is at a higher level than ours. Their products are highlighted weekly in media across the country on a variety of media platforms - the dairy industry has not been promoting to no where near that capacity. Overall image must change and work with our changing industry not against it.

8 months ago

now this is the language the organizers of the Frisian club are using

We specifically think of them as clubs not co-ops because I think it's important for groups to exclude people they don't want. You're in charge of who is in your club.

"The tone of a co-op is 'Give us a call and we'll start picking you up on Monday'. It's the lowest common denominator."

now this is in my view will lead to some very serious consequences for the whole Australian industry. its a seminal shift in the dynamics of the supply chain . We will exclude those that dont fit our p...

8 months ago

-The industry needs one representative body, for political lobbying, as an industry regulator for uniform and transparent milk prices from processors regionally.
Milk could be $9 per kg, margins would be cancelled out with input costs such as water, fodder and grain and energy prices this season
-The industry stakeholders (farmers) need to take control by working together and stop being victims use our collective buying power to reduce costs.
-Agriculture in Australia was a $6.8 billion industry in 2017 it is now a $58 billion industry because of the drought conditions, still a big industry that...

8 months ago

To make all the dairy products (milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt, Ice-cream etc) consumed by the average Australian requires about 1 litre per day or 365 litre per year.

2019 population is 25 million

This means Aus needs about 9.125 Billion litres of milk

This years estimated production 8.75 Billion

We still export about 3 billion litres of milk equivalent

The short fall is made up of imports from NZ, USA and Eu.

Actually, Australia needs an extra 30 cows coming into production every day !!


8 months ago

What needs to happen regarding milk pricing and structures? All farmers must be paid the same $/kg milk price for their solids regardless of farm size

· The banning of milk swaps .The only exception being plant or transport breakdowns

· All opening prices submitted to an independent third party (Dairy Australia) one month prior to the start of the new season. Then announced on the same day via that third party.

· The removal of all forms of special payments, eg production incentives, growth incentives, sign on payments, loyalty payments etc from the milk payment system and structures...

8 months ago

A new and more agile strategy is required. Both the processing and farm sector need to put aside past mistrust and work together to develop a new industry. Over the last 10 years the industry has been at war with itself
Investments in research should be reviewed and revived. We need to change the priorities and move away from researching marginal improvements in process efficiencies of a derelict industry to reimagining a new industry focussed on high end value add products not beholden to world commodity prices.
The Australian dairy industry doesn’t feature heavily in the investment strategy of...

7 months ago

For the Northern Irrigation Regions a review of the MDBA , return to the original concept of a triple bottom line. Labour is an issue, everyone would prefer to employ locals in our community but if they aren’t there the Regional Visa for overseas workers needs to be fast tracked, make the it a five year minimum. this will bring new families into our regions. Our young farmers need assistance starting out, The Victoria n government s Rural Finance Scheme in the 1970s at Heytsbury and Rochester gave low interest loans to many excellent young couples. System change is occurring in the North both in ...

7 months ago

There needs to be a mininum sell price in the market to force the supermarkets to lift the price up. Since the dollar milk has been in place, there hasnt been a price increase for dairy for nearly 10 years. What happens in the market is if the processor increases the price of milk to the shops to much the shop owners just go to the supermarket and buy it or have the supermarket deliver it. This has taken all the value out of chain as there hasnt been a price increase for 10 years and the costs keep rising to the stage theres nothing left. In the past before the dollar milk, the local market used to s...

7 months ago

Change needs to deliver greater profitability to farmers. The major barrier to this is the fact that milk is rapidly degraded so cant be stored. This allows processors to dictate prices they will pay for this perishable commodity. Farmers need more negotiating power to get this they need market information (what there product is worth IN Australia not on the export market) and the ability to shop around their milk.
I think we need:
- Transparent markets - for example online trading platform that shows traded volumes and prices received
- An independent farm gate price comparison website - help ...

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