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Assume the shackles are off! Take away the barriers of time, money, history etc. and think about what’s possible. What, specifically, needs to change to get dairy to a better place in the next five years?

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8 months ago

Dairy Australian levies made none compulsory

8 months ago

Not everyone will be happy with everyone else’s ideas, but surely farmers have to be put first in all this, not last like they are at the minute.
Example.. which industry bodies/reps are in attendance today.... and are all of them getting paid to be there (don’t get me wrong we do need some of them in some capacity), at the end of the day the farmer is probably paying for them to be there in a lot of instances... well I’m at home running my farm because that’s what i get paid (although not enough) to do so.

8 months ago

I have a question and concern about the dairy plan regarding what’s on the table and what’s not. Apparently a collective Australian milk pool is defiantly not on the table. I have been told this was raised at the Cobden meeting and rejected by the facilitator. It has been told to me that it would never get passed the ACCC and as such cannot be advanced. If find this a strange and confusing stance to take so early on in the consolation process. I think we need some clarity on this point.

Focusing on the Advocacy structures alone will not lift the milk price nor will removing DA. Now the ownersh...

8 months ago

Why has DA gone down the path of charging for coarse,s associated with or using DA Brand staff or resources . Why do farmers have to pay for the Advanced nutrition in action coarse . Or any coarse DA is associated with . Our Levey payments should cover this ?

8 months ago

Supermarket loss leaders need to be banned the industry needs to lobby for there removal and the stop 60cent a litre cheese . The Australia–New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement, commonly known as Closer Economic Relations, is a free trade agreement between the governments of New Zealand and Australia. this is now having a serious detrimental effect on the Australian dairy industry along with all other Ag industries . It is now being abused buy NZ dairy mainly Fonterra. this now has to be reviewed urgently .

7 months ago

Hi all,

It's Milly here from the Nous team facilitating the ADP workshops. I was recently in Nowra and then Bega talking to farmers and others with skin in the game about the ADP. You can see a report from our conversations at https://adp.oursay.org/home/the-outcomes-from-each-regional-workshop

Some of the top voted ideas from the Nowra workshop included declaring retailers a
monopsony leading to government action and directing levy money towards united
and effective advocacy for farmers.
Some of the top voted ideas from the Bega workshop included finding a way to get an immediate and...

7 months ago

Scrap DA replace it with a single desk DairyBoard in charge of lobbying, marketing and research ?

7 months ago

Respect for the dairy farmer particularly over milk contracts and milk pricing.

Why is the dairy industry growing in Ireland and New Zealand, far in excess of the population they need to feed. Confidence at farm level.

We have to many ill informed and over confident leaders and too many ill informed and under qualified farm directors who have destroyed the industry. Many getting paid ridiculous amounts of money, while doing it.

What have we got; Some of the best dairy farmer's in the world, but too few. Land lots of land. DA is very well funded compared to the UK, so we are very ...

7 months ago

I think that there are some fundamental issues that need to be addressed, I'll do my best to communicate them in 400 words!

1. The economic model of the Dairy Industry is somewhat unique. It doesn't matter how successful a farmers business model is, it will always be limited by what price they can receive. This is especially magnified when conditions get tough such as in drought situations, when resources are restricted, costs (water, feed, energy) blow out, and low milk prices, in other businesses/industries they have the opportunity to raise the price of goods sold... dairy farmers don...

6 months ago

A fundamental shift in attitude from our leaders is absolutely critical if Dairy is to move forward. There is absolutely no point in farmers battling away tweaking the edges to remain in business if they have no support from the people who can make or break them. These people have to have ACCOUNTABILITY. Unfortunately we have a situation where smoke and mirrors have allowed insufficient scrutiny of the legislative, regulatory and political failures which have resulted in a number of key problems. One such issue is the supermarket duopoly. It would seem that an ACCC inquiry in 2001 into supplier-retai...

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