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Assume the shackles are off! Take away the barriers of time, money, history etc. and think about what’s possible. What, specifically, needs to change to get dairy to a better place in the next five years?

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7 months ago

Investigate and compare the NZ Dairy Industry review act with Australia’s path since 2000.


7 months ago

For the Northern Irrigation Regions a review of the MDBA , return to the original concept of a triple bottom line. Labour is an issue, everyone would prefer to employ locals in our community but if they aren’t there the Regional Visa for overseas workers needs to be fast tracked, make the it a five year minimum. this will bring new families into our regions. Our young farmers need assistance starting out, The Victoria n government s Rural Finance Scheme in the 1970s at Heytsbury and Rochester gave low interest loans to many excellent young couples. System change is occurring in the North both in ...

7 months ago

I think that there are some fundamental issues that need to be addressed, I'll do my best to communicate them in 400 words!

1. The economic model of the Dairy Industry is somewhat unique. It doesn't matter how successful a farmers business model is, it will always be limited by what price they can receive. This is especially magnified when conditions get tough such as in drought situations, when resources are restricted, costs (water, feed, energy) blow out, and low milk prices, in other businesses/industries they have the opportunity to raise the price of goods sold... dairy farmers don...

7 months ago

Silence from processors has caused the decline in farmer confidence. Missing is the longer term thinking and actions from the processing sector. Producers are left to watch on at the sort term actions that don't make logical sense and plan a long term strategy for there business. The success of this plan relies on the processors coming back and participating as part of whole industry, have been watching with anticipation for feedback from processor consultations.

7 months ago

Gidday Im Lisette and work for a Landcare Network in Koroit. The issue I want to raise on behalf of our network and the farmers (not just dairy) in that network is this: there is very little shade and shelter on farms for livestock and very little funding incentives to change that. Why? Because most of the grants available for us to apply for on behalf of farmers, are tied to public benefit and/or biodiversity protection for a rare or threatened species. That immediately distances the farms from applying - because the immediate benefit is to their business even though the longer term benefit will be ...

8 months ago

Respect for the dairy farmer particularly over milk contracts and milk pricing.

Why is the dairy industry growing in Ireland and New Zealand, far in excess of the population they need to feed. Confidence at farm level.

We have to many ill informed and over confident leaders and too many ill informed and under qualified farm directors who have destroyed the industry. Many getting paid ridiculous amounts of money, while doing it.

What have we got; Some of the best dairy farmer's in the world, but too few. Land lots of land. DA is very well funded compared to the UK, so we are very ...

8 months ago

My opinion is that house brand milk should not exist. Every drop of milk a processor buys from farmers should be sold under their own label. This would allow processors to create their own pricing and not be limited by supermarket price setting. It would encourage processors to market their own brand and spend money on promotion of their product. It would make choosing milk, as a consumer, less confusing with fewer brands and all brands owned by processors so they will know all their money is going into the pool for dairy farmers.
Secondly, do away with multiple representative bodies. One organisa...

8 months ago

Scrap DA replace it with a single desk DairyBoard in charge of lobbying, marketing and research ?

8 months ago

Hi all,

It's Milly here from the Nous team facilitating the ADP workshops. I was recently in Nowra and then Bega talking to farmers and others with skin in the game about the ADP. You can see a report from our conversations at https://adp.oursay.org/home/the-outcomes-from-each-regional-workshop

Some of the top voted ideas from the Nowra workshop included declaring retailers a
monopsony leading to government action and directing levy money towards united
and effective advocacy for farmers.
Some of the top voted ideas from the Bega workshop included finding a way to get an immediate and...

8 months ago

A new and more agile strategy is required. Both the processing and farm sector need to put aside past mistrust and work together to develop a new industry. Over the last 10 years the industry has been at war with itself
Investments in research should be reviewed and revived. We need to change the priorities and move away from researching marginal improvements in process efficiencies of a derelict industry to reimagining a new industry focussed on high end value add products not beholden to world commodity prices.
The Australian dairy industry doesn’t feature heavily in the investment strategy of...

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