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Assume the shackles are off! Take away the barriers of time, money, history etc. and think about what’s possible. What, specifically, needs to change to get dairy to a better place in the next five years?

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5 months ago

Why has DA gone down the path of charging for coarse,s associated with or using DA Brand staff or resources . Why do farmers have to pay for the Advanced nutrition in action coarse . Or any coarse DA is associated with . Our Levey payments should cover this ?

5 months ago

Processors need to cease discounting milk price paid through the spring months and pay a flat price reflecting the market. This will encourage profitable farming and grow spring milk (and shoulders). We need to learn from The Irish dairy industry which has successfully turned its industry around from troubled times by adopting a low cost of production, pasture focused NZ model.

4 months ago

All businesses must expand and create more products to stay relevant and profitable. The governments decision to remove raw milk from the dairy industry is disappointing and counterproductive for the success of the dairy farmers and upsetting for consumers that valued the product and happy to pay premium prices. Please bring back raw milk products. It makes no sense to remove a raw milk from a struggling dairy industry because of a alleged incident and allow smoking and other products that have been known to have no health benefits. Raw milk is a quality product that has a high international and loc...

4 months ago

Re the QLD Dairy industry, Port Curtis Milk Suppliers Co-op received funding through the Farming Together program for a Feasibility Study for a single co-op to market and vest milk in QLD and Northern NSW, completed the study, had funding to complete legal framework with authorisation with ACCC, but could not rally support from industry groups. Our key findings were -
1. Agribusiness needs more well run co-ops / there will be no competition issues as milk is trucked in and carted around everywhere.
2. Co-op would keep more producers in the market
3. Positive ethos of a co-op
4. Branding is key (...

4 months ago

I am part part of this industry .....

I am an Australian,

I am a consumer of Australian milk!

The solution is simple:

The dairy farmers must get paid more for their milk, it is a no brainier!!!!

This additional cost must then be borne by both the processors, the retailers and yes me the consumer.

A liter of milk sells for less than a liter of petrol!

The price of petrol is not fixed, it fluctuates (goes up) with so called costs to supply the product why shouldn't this be the case with milk?????

Peter Barber
Leura NSW

3 months ago

Well our advocacy is now completely and fundamentally broken and ineffective now that the ADF has lost the processor funding with state bodies unable to make up the short fall . How do we now get some unity a plan? What will be the starting point for the change? Who will give ground and how much is the question. If history is any guide nothing will change no one will be willing to give ground in a meaningful way. Old grudges will get in the way unless some leadership is show by someone.

My thoughts are that to get unity started and to actually get farmers to want to engage and be part of thi...

4 months ago

Secure sufficient water for dairy by getting water out of the commercial market where non-farmers are speculating with this essential farming resource. Can the government set up a core volume of water to one side for dairying? Also secure underground water by making sure key dairying areas are not subject to any drilling for gas.

3 months ago

Expecting the Public to pay any more than they absolutely have to for our product requires that we each never look for best value in sourcing everything we buy for personal or business use, or face the risk of being labelled hypocrites. They don't owe us a living and they will only pay the price they have to, weighing quality and value hand in hand, as they juggle their weekly budgets and family needs, and who can blame them?

3 months ago

The consumer of dairy products has little transparency over the link between the price they are paying for the end product and the price that the dairy farmer receives. Consumers who are willing to spend more for products where the farmer is paid a fair price currently do not have the information required to make informed choices. Is there a way that the end consumer could be better empowered to support a sustainable dairy industry?

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