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Assume the shackles are off! Take away the barriers of time, money, history etc. and think about what’s possible. What, specifically, needs to change to get dairy to a better place in the next five years?

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3 months ago

One thing that strikes me as a pox on this industry is the way the production payment system is skewed toward the very top end of the tree, which in reality, constitutes a subsidy from the bottom to the top.

Let me illustrate with the following hypothetical situation:
Farmer Joe Blow P/L is a corporate, and has bought up 6 farms of average production each of 200,000 kg MS, making a million KG MS when combined, with production payment bonus of

Now consider the case of ten farmers, each owning separate farms but with average production of 100,000 kg MS per farm, for a combined production of ...

6 months ago

We need to have a raw milk supply protocol so farmers are not held hostage to processors. Most other countries so so successfully. The media spin to pass the current law should have been stopped by our industry bodies immediately. Was a total sham with an obvious agenda to lock farmers into a corrupt industry controlled by processors and supermarket chains while being forced to fund it via our levies. That is what’s criminal

3 months ago

We need to change from a reactive production driven industry to a proactive market driven industry with the ability to manage price risk. If we look at the way the current payment structures work then it is an annual auction where the farmers don't really know what price they are being paid and the milk processors don't know how much milk they are buying, with the end result that the milk producer manages the price risk for the whole supply chain. In a capital and labour intensive industry, surely this needs to change in order to attract and retain new entrants.
For a proactive market driven...

4 months ago

A fundamental shift in attitude from our leaders is absolutely critical if Dairy is to move forward. There is absolutely no point in farmers battling away tweaking the edges to remain in business if they have no support from the people who can make or break them. These people have to have ACCOUNTABILITY. Unfortunately we have a situation where smoke and mirrors have allowed insufficient scrutiny of the legislative, regulatory and political failures which have resulted in a number of key problems. One such issue is the supermarket duopoly. It would seem that an ACCC inquiry in 2001 into supplier-retai...

5 months ago

Change is a shared responsibility. Change starts with the space in which we each operate - understanding what our role is in the industry and why.
Profitability will drive sustainability as they are so intertwined. Profitability is driven by sound structures (external to farm: eg trade; incentives; research) and production systems to suit each farm.
We all need to take ownership and responsibility for the space in which we operate.
The world has moved at a faster pace than many people can keep up with so farmers need to be engaged and have trusted impartial advisors to help keep abreast of innova...

3 months ago

Milk Should Be Produced More Humanely By Using:

1: Selectively Breeding Cows To Be Healthy, Physically Sound, Hornless, And Happy.

2: Putting Put Limits On How Much Milk Individual Cows Can Produce Per Year.

3: Hormonally Induced Lactation – Instead Of Pregnancies – To Produce Milk.

Lactation in Cows, can be induced, by a 7 day course of 17β-estradiol and progesterone.

Milking can begin 2 to 3 weeks later.
[Cows and Goats could also be selectively bred to lactate from false-pregnancies.]

Hormonally induced lactation is a proven, cost-effective technology, that is already...

5 months ago

Put our product back in the lime light. As a whole the marketing and advertising element of the industry outside of the industry has fallen away. I.e.: unless you are a dairy farmer society have no real concept of what it is we do. Red Meat producers accountability and promotion is at a higher level than ours. Their products are highlighted weekly in media across the country on a variety of media platforms - the dairy industry has not been promoting to no where near that capacity. Overall image must change and work with our changing industry not against it.

5 months ago

There is a problem with a body with a huge influence in Dairy research the Gardiner Foundation being started with only Victorian funds and thus being focused on only Victorian farming practices disadvantaging other states eg Tasmania

4 months ago

National milk pool, with suppliers in control. Simpest and fairest way forward.
No longer have the processors dictating terms.

4 months ago

Change needs to deliver greater profitability to farmers. The major barrier to this is the fact that milk is rapidly degraded so cant be stored. This allows processors to dictate prices they will pay for this perishable commodity. Farmers need more negotiating power to get this they need market information (what there product is worth IN Australia not on the export market) and the ability to shop around their milk.
I think we need:
- Transparent markets - for example online trading platform that shows traded volumes and prices received
- An independent farm gate price comparison website - help ...

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