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Assume the shackles are off! Take away the barriers of time, money, history etc. and think about what’s possible. What, specifically, needs to change to get dairy to a better place in the next five years?

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6 months ago

nutrition and feeding for marginal milk production. Having farmers understand the dilution of maintenance cost and how to fully feed a cow for profitability.

Have an industry/govt body that scrutinises all additives for their published research and science and provide that to the dairy industry so there is an independent body that is looking out for the farmer, preventing them from spending money of things that clearly dont work but are marketed well.

Collectively as a dairy industry, work together to build the demand for milk in Australia and how to supply it the most efficiently. We are s...

5 months ago

What needs to happen regarding milk pricing and structures? All farmers must be paid the same $/kg milk price for their solids regardless of farm size

· The banning of milk swaps .The only exception being plant or transport breakdowns

· All opening prices submitted to an independent third party (Dairy Australia) one month prior to the start of the new season. Then announced on the same day via that third party.

· The removal of all forms of special payments, eg production incentives, growth incentives, sign on payments, loyalty payments etc from the milk payment system and structures...

5 months ago

Scrap DA replace it with a single desk DairyBoard in charge of lobbying, marketing and research ?

5 months ago

Respect for the dairy farmer particularly over milk contracts and milk pricing.

Why is the dairy industry growing in Ireland and New Zealand, far in excess of the population they need to feed. Confidence at farm level.

We have to many ill informed and over confident leaders and too many ill informed and under qualified farm directors who have destroyed the industry. Many getting paid ridiculous amounts of money, while doing it.

What have we got; Some of the best dairy farmer's in the world, but too few. Land lots of land. DA is very well funded compared to the UK, so we are very ...

5 months ago

I attended the Warragul meeting. There was discussion of education issues and needs. The farmers at the table were very naive when it came to their knowledge of post high school education. I am an expert in that field so I know the issues. I was formerly a Professor of Business at Monash. I come from a rural background. I was previously an agriculture journalist in NZ with their national farmers' organisation. Farmers did not understand the range and depth of International Students inside the Vic economy as a source of revenue. They did not understand that Int Students were bringing in $9 billion...

6 months ago

Dairy Australian is no longer fit for purpose. It’s mandate behind the farm gate is not in question. But it mandate to act on the industries behalf is seriously restricted with its current mandate and articles of incorporation. The focus obsession regarding the $1.00 for $1.00 government funding. . DA needs to be segmented into four defined business bodies organisations. With a independent farmer over sight board

6 months ago

Dairy Australian levies made none compulsory

6 months ago

Business management advanced skills Personal time/ family management.
Learning to cope with change.. Nothing will stay the same.
Planning for Quality of Achievement.
Optimise capability of Technology.
Feed inventory calculation and management.
Forward contracts for ongoing supply of purchased feeds.
Human resources efficiency skills
Equipment planning and financing skills.
Water to Dry Matter efficiency
Why produce nutrients per kg DM and not just gross Kg DM.
Believing that 80% or more of genetic capability goes down the animals throat.
Planning for a dairying future. What are the key com...

5 months ago

Gidday Im Lisette and work for a Landcare Network in Koroit. The issue I want to raise on behalf of our network and the farmers (not just dairy) in that network is this: there is very little shade and shelter on farms for livestock and very little funding incentives to change that. Why? Because most of the grants available for us to apply for on behalf of farmers, are tied to public benefit and/or biodiversity protection for a rare or threatened species. That immediately distances the farms from applying - because the immediate benefit is to their business even though the longer term benefit will be ...

5 months ago

Need to remove the influences of retired and soon to be retired dairy farmers from the equation. They should not have been invited, there ideals and opinions are not relevant to the future of the industry. Their contributions have been phenomenal but it is now time to step aside and let the next generation decide what we want our industry to look like. We need change in our advocacy, we need dairy Australia and udv and adf all under one banner. One levy, one voice. Remove government funding and help deliberation of industry issues while still delivering R & D. We need more promotion of a clean green ...

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