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Assume the shackles are off! Take away the barriers of time, money, history etc. and think about what’s possible. What, specifically, needs to change to get dairy to a better place in the next five years?

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8 months ago

Hi, Milly here, I'm the Regional Engagement Lead for Gippsland and part of the team facilitating the workshops.

We recently ran a pilot workshop in Gippsland - this was a test run of the regional workshops that we'll be running across the country. I wanted to share a few of the top ideas from that conversation.

The top ideas were:
- Incentivise those who are currently disengaged to take part
- Identify what makes us profitable right through the supply chain
- Make a cultural shift to treat our farms as businesses
- Adequately resource advocacy so we have a strong voice
- Change ou...

8 months ago

Here I have attempted to succinctly visualize what structure this industry now needs as a starting point for a clearer way forward with the now vastly different dairy landscape that farmers are now dealing with.
The Australian dairy plan now sees that Dairy Australia is now dived into four divisions focusing on specific areas of the Australian dairy industry. The Australian dairy industry will now come under and use one singular brand

It will show that the Australian industry is a unified and coordinated industry working together for the betterment of the industry. Having a single...

8 months ago

With how the national dairy industry has now evolved both pre and post farm gate along with the now loss of any substantial farmer owned CO-OP. There is now absolutely no need for the Gardiner Foundation in it’s current form. The Gardiner Foundation and Dairy Australian now need to be merged into one unified body in corporating a new mandate and business model. We now need to act and think like a national industry. We need to remove any arcane thinking that drags us back to state based thinking , bodies or structures. We have far to much duplication of services and are top heavy with management str...

8 months ago

*Advocacy for farmers needs to be paid for by farmers exclusively or it is not true farmer advocacy.
*Payment discrimination based on production needs to end.
*Food security needs to be valued above real estate values and investor returns.
*The health of communities needs to be valued above the lure of cheap itinerant labour.
*Compulsory levies need to end and allow farmers to purchase the advice they require for their businesses.
*Free trade needs to be replaced by fair trade.
*The power of supermarkets needs to be significantly reduced.
*Real MINIMUM penalties need to be enforced for animal ...

8 months ago

We need to hear what our leadership is thinking regarding the issues now facing the industry . This has to be a two way conversation. Our industry leaders individually have to be willing to tell us their thoughts on what has to change or not. That has to be part of the process. Our leadership is trying to understand it’s members but farmers also need to better understand their leadership. Other wise trust and respect can not be gained or grow

8 months ago

To make all the dairy products (milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt, Ice-cream etc) consumed by the average Australian requires about 1 litre per day or 365 litre per year.

2019 population is 25 million

This means Aus needs about 9.125 Billion litres of milk

This years estimated production 8.75 Billion

We still export about 3 billion litres of milk equivalent

The short fall is made up of imports from NZ, USA and Eu.

Actually, Australia needs an extra 30 cows coming into production every day !!


8 months ago

I have a question and concern about the dairy plan regarding what’s on the table and what’s not. Apparently a collective Australian milk pool is defiantly not on the table. I have been told this was raised at the Cobden meeting and rejected by the facilitator. It has been told to me that it would never get passed the ACCC and as such cannot be advanced. If find this a strange and confusing stance to take so early on in the consolation process. I think we need some clarity on this point.

Focusing on the Advocacy structures alone will not lift the milk price nor will removing DA. Now the ownersh...

6 months ago

As an industry we need to focus on having profitable robust dairy farms that can withstand volatile market and seasonal conditions. This may mean that some people in the industry need to change farming system or location. As an exporting industry free trade agreements are beneficial to us but we need to understand that we operate in a global environment and need a Cost of Production that reflects this.

We need to stop thinking that consumers should subsidise us having a higher cost of production than is possible. If we look over the ditch, in the low payout years NZ weren't asking for consume...

8 months ago

We now need to develop a farmer owed and controlled national milk pool . It would be part of a restructuring of Dairy Australia. It would effectively and effectively collect and distribute the national milk pool to processors and negotiate pricing structures. It would also negotiate the need for a National mandatory code as farmers will not have a direct relationship with processors

6 months ago

PROFITABILITY. We need, as dairyfarmers, to recognise PROFITABILITY is the essential first step to sustainability for the ENVIRONMENT, for the PEOPLE in our business and our business.
We need to recognise showing cows, registered cows, and high production cows, are not indicators of PROFIT.
A PROFITABLE business facilitates investment to grow and improve the business, to undertake sustainable ENVIRONMENTAL practices and develop and reward the PEOPLE who operate the business.
Dairyfarmers are business managers who care deeply for their ANIMALS their FARMS and their role in the COMMUNI...

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