What needs to change?
What needs to change?
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Sounds like the usual fantasy question,

I worry that Australia’s Dairy Industry has passed the point of no return with the milk pool volume we have currently, this can only lead to less efficiency for processors and therefore less money to pass on to suppliers, after all, Dairy Australia suggested 15 Billion litres was needed to meet this criteria.

Furthermore we have two major global ‘investors’ basically dictating our market whilst using their facility to ‘back door’ imported product, which some argue will eventually supply our population which can only deliver one outcome.

The way I and many people I’ve spoken too see the situation is basically the processors and the Levy takers are riding the industry for all they can get while the suppliers are accumulating debt in the perpetual hope of the golden horizon of a promised land.

Thank you, Shelby Anderson
(Former Dairy Farmer)

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Shelby Anderson
4 months ago · 0 votes · 0 comments
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