What needs to change?
What needs to change?
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Respect for the dairy farmer particularly over milk contracts and milk pricing.

Why is the dairy industry growing in Ireland and New Zealand, far in excess of the population they need to feed. Confidence at farm level.

We have to many ill informed and over confident leaders and too many ill informed and under qualified farm directors who have destroyed the industry. Many getting paid ridiculous amounts of money, while doing it.

What have we got; Some of the best dairy farmer's in the world, but too few. Land lots of land. DA is very well funded compared to the UK, so we are very well resourced that way.

We lack an educated work force. You need to see how the rest of the world trains its dairy farmers,

We need decent infrastructure, roads, and power etc We need West Vic dairy to appreciate the dairy industry does not end at Koroit. There is no ambition, no contact. The same with the VFF/UDV and Vic Ag.

I think it is too late, a few are doing well on special contracts, the rest our either going to retire, do something else on farm, sell up or go bust which can be the same thing. I have dairy farmed in both the UK and Australia. 10 years ago I went to meetings about the Western district being a 3 million litre a year industry!!!!!! There was still a confidence after the 2007 drought. The milk price was $6.70 a kg milk solids. So after 12 years we get a milk price of $6.70 kg milk solids and not everyone at that.

For people to say forget about the past, well if we don't learn from the past mistakes we will keep on making the same mistakes.

I am so disappointed to write like this, I loved my cows, I love the dairy industry and the people in it. If I had the chance again I would milk again.

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