What needs to change?
What needs to change?
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Re the QLD Dairy industry, Port Curtis Milk Suppliers Co-op received funding through the Farming Together program for a Feasibility Study for a single co-op to market and vest milk in QLD and Northern NSW, completed the study, had funding to complete legal framework with authorisation with ACCC, but could not rally support from industry groups. Our key findings were -
1. Agribusiness needs more well run co-ops / there will be no competition issues as milk is trucked in and carted around everywhere.
2. Co-op would keep more producers in the market
3. Positive ethos of a co-op
4. Branding is key ( co-op have their own brand as well)
5. Streamlining negotiating with the Processor – help sponsor new processor entry if successful
6. Section 46
7. Co-op should be whole of east coast market.
8. Need advocacy with the QLD Govt / parallel engagement with State and Fed Govt.
We need to revisit the single co-op model, we have the completed Feasibiltiy Study, but will now need further funds for legal framework.

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