What needs to change?
What needs to change?
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Our industry is currently in the cross-fires of animal liberationists. This pressure on our industry is not going away and we will become even more heavily scrutinised. Unfortunately, poor animal welfare is frequently used as an excuse to support a particular ethical stand-point. For example, people may be of the opinion that animals have a 'right-to-life' and use animal welfare as a reason to support this argument. If slaughter is done in a manner that does not cause prolonged distress, then animal welfare should not be used as a reason to defend this particular ethical standpoint.
As an industry, we need to remove animal welfare as reason to support a particular ethical standpoint against our industry as much as we can. Sentiment towards the bobby calf industry is that it is an animal welfare liability, but does it really lead to a long duration and large extent of suffering to calves? Or is it simply an issue because people don't like the idea of 4 day old animals being slaughtered? Let's be transparent to our critics and make improvements where they need to be made.

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