What needs to change?
What needs to change?
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nutrition and feeding for marginal milk production. Having farmers understand the dilution of maintenance cost and how to fully feed a cow for profitability.

Have an industry/govt body that scrutinises all additives for their published research and science and provide that to the dairy industry so there is an independent body that is looking out for the farmer, preventing them from spending money of things that clearly dont work but are marketed well.

Collectively as a dairy industry, work together to build the demand for milk in Australia and how to supply it the most efficiently. We are so small in numbers, but feed so many, the industry must make a voice and become more influential by some manner.

Water policy must be started over and as a country look at gaining more water from catchment in areas that we let run to the ocean, produce new water from reverse osmosis (RO) by getting cheap energy in Australia, Nuclear being one prominent option for power generation. Cheap power, produces lower priced water (RO) allows more country to be farmed, produces more GDP and Tax money for the country and makes Australian Ag worldly important for food security.

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