What needs to change?
What needs to change?
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My opinion is that house brand milk should not exist. Every drop of milk a processor buys from farmers should be sold under their own label. This would allow processors to create their own pricing and not be limited by supermarket price setting. It would encourage processors to market their own brand and spend money on promotion of their product. It would make choosing milk, as a consumer, less confusing with fewer brands and all brands owned by processors so they will know all their money is going into the pool for dairy farmers.
Secondly, do away with multiple representative bodies. One organisation for advocacy is all that is needed.
Thirdly, Dairy Australia's structure needs to be simplified. There is value in farmer support on the ground in the form of open days and workshops but Dairy Australia's main role needs to be promotion of milk to Australian consumers just like we see done for lamb and beef.

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