What needs to change?
What needs to change?
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I think what needs to be discussed more and expanded more is the DEMAND Pool

Most discussion is about the supply pool. This is important.


No one in the “Rule Setting” arena seems to understand the demand pool or strategic importance of this.

The DEMAND pool (if that is the right word) is as follows.

25 million people growing @ 1.5% per year - this year it will be about 375,000 people ?

This year 25 million Australians will consume the following

They will drink 102 litres each

2.55 billion litres

They will eat 13.6 kg of cheese which will use 136 litres of milk. If all the Whey is used, then there will be another 6 kg of whey products for sale / Export

3.4 billion litres

They will eat 4.8 kg of butter

It takes about 100 litres of milk to make this amount of butter. The by-product is 9 kg of Skim Milk Powder for export.

2.5 Billion litres

They will eat 10 kg of yoghurt. Requiring about

0.25 Billion litres

They will eat about 10 litres of milk as Ice-cream. Requiring about

0.25 Billion litres

They will eat about 2 kg of powders representing about 20 litres of milk.

0.5 Billion litres


2.55 Billion - Drinking
3.4 Billion - cheese
2.5 Billion - Butter
0.25 Billion - Yoghurt
0.25 Billion - Ice Cream
0.5 Billion - Powders
9.45 Billion litres needed to be self sufficient.

It’s possible to be more technical, but this is generally correct.

This years production may make it to

8.2 Billion litres. (DA - Situation and outlook June 2019)

Australia will be in a MILK DEFICIT if it wanted to make all the dairy products consumed in Australia.

Next year the extra 375,000 people will need an extra

38,250,000 litres of drinking milk
51,000,000 litres of milk to make cheese
37,500,000 litres of milk to make Butter
3,750,000 litres of milk to make Yoghurt
3,750,000 litres of milk to make Icecream
7,500,000 litres of milk to make powders

141,250,000 litres of milk.

The average cow produce about 7000 litres of milk per year.

So that means Australia needs about an extra

20,500 cows or

75 average farms at 275 cows

At the moment australia is losing 5 farms per week!!!

There is a problem in this area.

Please spend time looking at how fixing our milk deficit will help your financial deficit.

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Andrew Weinert
4 months ago · 0 votes · 0 comments
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