What needs to change?
What needs to change?
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I think that there are some fundamental issues that need to be addressed, I'll do my best to communicate them in 400 words!

1. The economic model of the Dairy Industry is somewhat unique. It doesn't matter how successful a farmers business model is, it will always be limited by what price they can receive. This is especially magnified when conditions get tough such as in drought situations, when resources are restricted, costs (water, feed, energy) blow out, and low milk prices, in other businesses/industries they have the opportunity to raise the price of goods sold... dairy farmers don't have that opportunity. Is it possible for a shift of power, so that farmers can gain a bit more control of the price received? I don't have an answer, but think it is worth researching.

2. Corporations (even farmers can evaluate themselves) connected with the industry really need to look into their social responsibilities, moral obligations and ethics. There is a need for the supply chain to recognise that if we continue as an industry to continually base decisions on "maximising profit", we are doing it at a expense* ( to something/someone else. This is on a farmer level (expense: mental health, physical health, resources etc), processor level (expense: farm businesses, communities, services providers etc) and then resellers (expense: agriculture, farmers, processors, communities, consumers etc.)... I'd love for the dairy supply chain to collectively look at all the stakeholders and shareholders involved and develop a symbiotic relationship between making a profit & the greater wellbeing of stakeholders.

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