What needs to change?
What needs to change?
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Hi all,

It's Milly here from the Nous team facilitating the ADP workshops. I was recently in Nowra and then Bega talking to farmers and others with skin in the game about the ADP. You can see a report from our conversations at https://adp.oursay.org/home/the-outcomes-from-each-regional-workshop

Some of the top voted ideas from the Nowra workshop included declaring retailers a
monopsony leading to government action and directing levy money towards united
and effective advocacy for farmers.
Some of the top voted ideas from the Bega workshop included finding a way to get an immediate and sustained increase in prices and advocacy that is united and effective.

Thanks to all those who came and shared their insights and views. I'm in Muswellbrook and the Taree this week and look forward to more productive conversations there.

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Milly Bell
5 months ago · 2 votes · 0 comments
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