What needs to change?
What needs to change?
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For the Northern Irrigation Regions a review of the MDBA , return to the original concept of a triple bottom line. Labour is an issue, everyone would prefer to employ locals in our community but if they aren’t there the Regional Visa for overseas workers needs to be fast tracked, make the it a five year minimum. this will bring new families into our regions. Our young farmers need assistance starting out, The Victoria n government s Rural Finance Scheme in the 1970s at Heytsbury and Rochester gave low interest loans to many excellent young couples. System change is occurring in the North both in our feedbase and how we feed our cows,Ellinbank needs to be more inclusive on crops that deliver higher DM for our diminishing mega litre . This transition requires quality advice for those choosing to do so. The RABO bank program of fostering Agriculture as a career in our schools could be rolled out state wide,DA has a role here with our School Career Teachers to promote farming as an exciting career. Our Super markets needs to understand that a diminishing milk pool is not in their interests. Why can’t Dairy be a premium product, promoted such as Angus beef or lamb rather than a discount entrant to entice customers. Our rural weekly farming press dwells too much on the negative, highlight the good stories both big and small . We should understand why many are exiting our industry, a comprehensive survey could reveal issues that may help retain those considering leaving.

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