What needs to change?
What needs to change?
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Change is a shared responsibility. Change starts with the space in which we each operate - understanding what our role is in the industry and why.
Profitability will drive sustainability as they are so intertwined. Profitability is driven by sound structures (external to farm: eg trade; incentives; research) and production systems to suit each farm.
We all need to take ownership and responsibility for the space in which we operate.
The world has moved at a faster pace than many people can keep up with so farmers need to be engaged and have trusted impartial advisors to help keep abreast of innovation and technology which will drive profitability.
Smaller farms are more at risk and may need to consolidate or have assistance to recover - but we must not become a welfare industry.
Advocacy needs to be a united empowering and positive voice rather than the crisis driven disempowering and handout voice it has become.
Government DA &Processors need to revisit and take stock of the Aust’n dairy and Ag business model at a top end level to ensure it is fit for purpose.

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