What needs to change?
What needs to change?
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As a small producer I see potential in how we could keep it ticking along. Think-outside the box:
A Dairy Hub (building) that is centrally located within each state. Each hub runs like an institute. It offers Youth Leadership programs for students leaving Yr 12 and trying to enter the industry; a Mental Health program for farmers to access; a Silage Safety and Feed program full of literature/data/concepts/ practices for farmers to access that includes insight from Worksafe or Safework; a Lowering Calf Mortality program that is industry run; a Marketing program that educates farmers on how to value-add both on farm and with products that could increase profits; a Livestock Nutrition and Welfare program that incorporates TAFE institutes or Agskills services; Calf Program that incorporates farmer and mentoring services; Dairy Food program that focuses on farm business skill development; Financial Training program that links farmers in with all service providers/ investors/ financial services in this field; Farm Tours that brings the customer to the door of farms in a cellar door manner for those that sell products at the farm gate; Mentor program that links farmers who have left the industry to help younger farmers navigate the industry with confidence; Higher Education program which is delivered into primary and secondary schools as part of ongoing agriculture program collaboratated with tafe/ Universities; Agri Engagement Meetings that are held monthly around the state by farming advocacy bodies to ensure we all stay connected, communication lines remain open and that issues are addressed in a real-time manner; Conservation and Land Management program that focuses on connecting all industries to work with dairy farmers to ensure their farm remains prosperous; Water and Irrigation program that keeps farmers in the loop with new changes, practices or concepts on how to improve their farm business; effluent management; yearly review of contracts on a fair playing field to ensure no under hand schemes are taking place. Programs could include both online, in-class methods such as webiners, podcasts, meetings, farm tours, conferences and stakeholder investment meetings, etc.
A yearly Dairy Expo that show cases the "best" of this Industry, promoted & advertised on every media platform as "the best dairy show on earth". Time to take the Dairy Industry to the people.

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