What needs to change?
What needs to change?
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-The industry needs one representative body, for political lobbying, as an industry regulator for uniform and transparent milk prices from processors regionally.
Milk could be $9 per kg, margins would be cancelled out with input costs such as water, fodder and grain and energy prices this season
-The industry stakeholders (farmers) need to take control by working together and stop being victims use our collective buying power to reduce costs.
-Agriculture in Australia was a $6.8 billion industry in 2017 it is now a $58 billion industry because of the drought conditions, still a big industry that can use its collective leverage
-Industry Benchmarking utilising a larger database to improve farm efficiencies for private and family farms, -Farmers need to be more open to sharing ideas and management systems for the benefit of all and the industry.
-Corporate investment for larger business units to attract industry investment and technological advancements and create a career path and a future to attract students, sons and daughters into the industry
-Risk mitigation National emergency supplies for an industry considered an essential service
-New technology cross pollinated from other industries
-New technology will reduce labour dependency and attract technicians
-Informed opinions for the government to understand that an essential service is in a state of terminal illness.
-A reform of water rights, a water services charge or tax on non land owners of water, or compulsory acquisition of privately or institutionally held water and return to land owners
-Northern Victoria will become a desert without irrigation, More rain makes for more plant growth: that much is obvious, the reverse notion is proven: more plants also make for more rain.
- There is a limit to what processors can and will pay, our biggest processors have overseas shareholders if they shut down plants they will require less milk, by products will be imported
- Australia has an export market opportunity the envy of the world, our government is xenophobic about China which will impact on our opportunities of the emerging markets in S. E. Asia
-Australian dairy has captured all the key issues how will change be implemented and who will lead the dairy industry before Australia become net importers of dairy products.

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