How much change is required to get the dairy industry to a 'better place'?

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How much change is required to get the dairy industry to a 'better place'? Minor tweaking? Major transformation? 

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10 months ago

Major change is needed, the processors and supermarkets have the majority of the power at the moment and it’s sending farmers to the wall. Farmers need to have a fair slice of the pie and as a young farmer (sub 30) there is no way young ones want into an industry where its very easily visible that at the current point in time the farmers are struggling and don’t receive a fair price for their product. The power has to shift fast or younger ones like myself will be out the backdoor and will have to the door shut on their dreams and it’ll be left to the big corporates but that’s probably what t...

10 months ago

Price, weather and management are the three key determinants of agriculture returns. Unfortunately the spread between high and low performing farm returns is still dominated by management differences as shown by ADI research with ROE varying from near 0% to 8-10%. Until greater improvements in management occur the industry will not achieve the goal of better financial stability for more farmers.

10 months ago

Removal of current levy collection system. Replace it with a voluntary investment programme. And like all investments a clear return and value published annually.
We the Producer need individual choice of where we invest and how much we invest.
Me personally would invest nothing in Dairy Plan. Where I would invest heavily in Dairy Bio

11 months ago

The entire industry and all its bodies need a total restructure. The duplication, corruption and top heaviness is unsustainable and not supporting our farmers. It may serve the ‘industry’ if the industry is multinationals and corporate owned farms which will ultimately destroy our communities and destroy the product the public want. Dairy Australia should be ashamed their direction is not the direction any farmer under 1000 cows is interested in. We vehemently oppose compulsory levies to a crowd serving themselves

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