How much change is required to get the dairy industry to a 'better place'?

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How much change is required to get the dairy industry to a 'better place'? Minor tweaking? Major transformation? 

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4 months ago

most of the industry issues are within our farm gate. Cost of production is the biggest issue. if 60+% of farmers in Australia had a cost of production around $5/kgMS we wouldn't be having a Dairyplan or these discussions. Talk about Industry structures and processors is missing the major issue in the industry

3 months ago

Key to increasing milk production is to move from processor focus model driving up farm input costs back tofarmer focus, low input costs model

Processing milk has seen a major structural change from farmer owned dairy co-ops to now mainly owned by international companies who have invested billions of dollars upgrading and rationalising the factories they acquired.

The dairy farming industry has also undergone a major restructure with fewer farms, increased number of cows per farm producing more milk per cow.

In theory such a comprehensive restructure of both milk processing a...

4 months ago

There have been many market failures in the Australian Dairy Industry since Reduced Regulation - referred to as deregulation

The one I am most familiar with is the WA industry.

This was written for the ACCC inquiry.

Increasing training, R&D and product development will help Australia return to a market leader situation in my opinion.

This article may raise discussion points.

4 months ago

Milk Should Be Produced More Humanely By:

1: Selectively Breeding Cows To Be Healthy, Physically Sound, Hornless, And Happy.

2: Putting Limits On How Much Milk Individual Cows Can Produce Per Year.

3: Using Hormonally Induced Lactation – Instead Of Pregnancies – To Produce Milk.

Lactation in Cows, can be induced, by a 7 day course of 17β-estradiol and progesterone.

Milking can begin 2 to 3 weeks later.
[Cows and Goats could also be selectively bred to lactate from false-pregnancies.]

Hormonally induced lactation is a proven, cost-effective technology, that is already use...

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