Welcome to the online discussion forum for the Australian Dairy Plan. We want you to have your say on what matters most for the future of the industry. 

Share your thoughts on:

  • How much change is required to get the dairy industry to a 'better place'? 
  • What needs to change? 
  • If the Australian Dairy Plan is a success, what will people say about Australian dairy in 2025?

You will need to create an account to participate in the discussion. 

Keep the conversation constructive so that your contribution helps define what is needed to create a better industry. While no idea or issue is off-limits, any unconstructive or toxic comments will be moderated. 

The discussion topics on here are the same as the questions that were discussed in over 20 regional workshops across the country in May/June 2019. Your inputs on this page will be combined together with the workshop outputs to create the basis for the Australian Dairy Plan. 

If you are interested in the outputs from each of the workshops, take a look at the discussion board titled "The outcomes from each regional workshop and local engagement". 

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